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Delica Pre-Purchase Inspections in Geelong & Queensland

With years of experience and specific knowledge in Mitsubishi Delicas, you can rely on Delica Garage for a Pre-Purchase Inspection so you can buy with confidence knowing exactly what you are getting.

Mitsubishi Delica Pre-Purchase Inspections

Delica Garage has a fully equipped workshop and mechanics with specific experience and knowledge in Mitsubishi Delicas. Together, we are dedicated to  servicing, upgrades and mechanical repairs, as well as pre purchase inspections for your Mitsubishi Delica. We love them so much we even customised our hoist to suit the Delica Chassis!

If you’re in the market for a Mitsubishi Delica, and you’d like to make sure you get what you’re paying for, don’t hesitate to contact Delica Garage for all your pre-purchase inspection needs.

If the vehicle is in needs of parts or repairs, we will let you know on the spot. We are able to repair and source the best quality products either directly from the manufacturers in Japan or from a local distributor.

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We work on Delicas on a daily basis, we know what to look for.


You get the information you need, making you full aware of the vehicle’s conditions.

Peace Of Mind
Peace of Mind

With Delica Garage you’ll have a peace of mind knowing we thoroughly check the vehicle.

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Each Pre-Purchase inspection covers:

✅ Suspension and Braking System.

✅ Engine inspection including leaks and compression testing.

✅ Fuel and Ignition System

✅ Driveline including transmission, diffs and clutch (if manual).

✅ ABS System

✅ Scanning ECU for any fault codes

✅ Bodywork, Chassis and Underbody

✅ Vehicle Performance and handling

✅ Vehicle electronics and systems

Mitsubishi Delica Roadworthy & Safety Certificate Victoria & Queensland

Whether buying or selling a used L300, L400 or D5 Mitsubishi Delica, we can organise an inspection and a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle.


With our reputation and track record of being one of Australians preferred Mitsubishi Delica experts, you can have peace of mind knowing your Delica has been inspected to a high standard.


We also carry out many inspections for Delica owners who are planning long journeys around our beautiful country, to ensure that breakdowns are minimised. 

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